Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase your Business

Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase your Business


The Importance of Building Web Traffic

Every business needs to be visible and found in order to get clients and customers. There are certain ways to market yourself online effectively. The key is in making an attractive and appealing “offer.”

Today we have Imran “Immy” Tariq discussing marketing strategies online. His speciality is in helping business professionals increase their revenues by optimizing web traffic. He will discuss SEO, Facebook Ads, Youtube traffic, and other website optimization strategies to help build your web traffic.

In this interview learn:

  • The 3 popular forms of Marketing.
  • Why your receptionist may be costing you business.
  • Branding vs Marketing
  • How to make your services irresistible online
  • Marketing with Facebook Videos and YouTube


Can you discuss Traditional Advertising Methods? Are Direct Mail flyers still effective?

With Direct mail, it can work B2B if used strategically. With B2C, I don’t recommend it, people often see them as junk mail and throw them away.  

Billboards can also work well if used correctly. If you’re going to use Billboards or Television ads, you must do it effectively.  


To do it right, test it out online first.

Throw your idea out on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. If you see great results from them, you can take those winning ad campaigns and then put it onto the Billboard or TV.

Now you know you’ve got something that will work. If it doesn’t work on the internet, it won’t work with traditional methods.

Otherwise, you’ll be throwing away a lot of money, spending $10,000 – 50,000+ in one shot.


What are advantages of digital marketing and what’s the most effective way to get real leads?

There are many different forms of digital marketing. Not all methods are equal, which is why some people give it a bad name. If somebody hires a cheap marketing company for $500-1,000 a month, they will most likely get bad results. This is because they often outsource the work to people in India. So they won’t be getting a real expert to help, but a mediocre person from India.

When you’re looking for a company to help with digital marketing, you need to look at their minimum price. You can’t find a skilled expert in digital marketing for less than $500 a week.

The advantages of digital marketing also depends on what you want. There are a few main ways to optimize your site to increase business.

Digital Marketing tactics

SEO is a major player.

It’s great for branding. It’s done to optimize your Google search results. You need to get on the top 5 for organic search results on Google and for Google Maps.

If you’re not on page 1 of Google, then you will not be foundClick To Tweet


AdWords is the other one. This is where you pay per click. The PPC fee can be very high or low. But for AdWords to work, you must have a very compelling Ad and compelling landing page to capture information.

You can have a fantastic Ad and when people click to your landing page and there is no clear call to action and they don’t call you, you just wasted your money for their click. So you have to set up the AdWord and your landing page up correctly.  

You can think of your website as a real estate space. Unfortunately, most people don’t use it correctly. Location is everything, and it must be located in a busy area with heavy foot traffic so that it can be found easily.

Also your business offer has to be unique. If it’s not unique, it will be invisible and marketing an invisible business is very difficult.

purple cow marketing

If you were to driving down a country road and saw cows everywhere, you might not take interest. But if you saw a purple cow, you’ll likely look twice and be interested. This is what you must do with AdWords, it has to look like a purple cow. It must stand out with high converting Ad Copy and have a unique, enticing offer on the landing page.

The advantage of AdWords and SEO is that they can be tracked and also will give you the highest quality of leads. Good campaigns will give you 16-20% conversion rates.  That’s from the click to calling your office.  

receptionist sales

The other critical part is answering the phone correctly.

You must train your receptionist to capturing information and schedule calls on the spot. If you don’t have someone picking up the phone correctly from a sales point of view, you can easily lose the lead.

I’ve worked with some clients and we trained their front desk to answer calls properly and they’ve shot up over 300% in ROI, just from changing the way calls were being answered.

So you have to hire and train your staff correctly. Because answering the phone correctly is extremely important. 


Can you discuss the difference in marketing and Branding? Isn’t marketing about getting your brand or business name out to the public?

No, they’re very different. The popular marketing method is Direct Response Marketing, which is where you offer something of value and get the person to respond to your ad, such as calling your office.

Branding is about getting your name out to the market. It’s about raising awareness for your business name. Pepsi could spend millions on one ad for branding and everybody will know who they are. They’re not expecting a direct response from that ad.

If you’re not a huge company with millions to spend on branding, then you need to use your money wisely. Every amount of “X” you spend should give you “Z” amount back in ROI. So you use marketing to do this.

Brand Identity

There are 3 Forms of Marketing:

  1. Direct Response: Giving away free value and getting a direct response.
  2. Pattern Interruption: Traditional Ads that interrupt people from what they’re doing to try and grab their attention.
  3. Contact Based: Developing quality relationships through interaction and engagement.

Facebook Ads is a combination of Pattern Interruption and Direct Response. Using the ads there is great because you can pick and choose your demographics. You can target people by zip code, income, age, profession, marital status, and even by liquid assets, if they have money sitting in the bank. This is why Facebook Ads are so powerful.

In the Facebook Ads, you want to create a funnel by giving them an enticing ad for them to click on. Once they click on your ad, they get to your landing page or opt in page. This is where you give a very sexy and appealing offer in exchange for their email or personal information. From there, you take them to a “Thank You” page.

Everybody has to say thank you for getting their business, it’s just polite manners. It’s also a great opportunity to increase sales. Within that “Thank You” page, you can give them another offer or deal.  About 40-60% of people will take that additional offer on that page. You do this by leveraging the principle of scarcity, from the book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.”

You can make it very streamlined and effective. I’m all about the systems and streamlining the process to make your life easier. You do that by giving people value and a reason to contact you. Don’t randomly throw your offer at people and try to follow up with them. Be extremely focused and targeted and let them come to you.


Contact Based marketing is a type of Relationship Marketing. It’s methods work great and are important for maintaining relationships with clients through “touch points.” If I were to send you a video postcard and a video starts playing, that will stand out a lot more than a email marketing flyer, which is often seen as junk mail.

With contact marketing, the response rate is the higher than the other forms, but it is also a lot more expensive. For example, I like to use a special form of direct mail. It’s very strategic in getting responses, but I will have to spend 20-30x more than the normal flyer. However, my ROI is 10,000% at the minimum. That’s what contact marketing does.

When you look at direct marketing, you can expect maybe a 20% response rate with about 200-300% ROI. But my response rate with contact marketing is 80% and I can get anywhere from 10,000-100,000% ROI. This is the most effective way I’ve found.

Also with branding, you will not be able to track where your customers are coming from. With direct response marketing, you can easily track where people are coming from, to see which ad campaign working.


So do you use the same “purple cow” with Google AdWords and facebook Ads?

Yes, everything I do in marketing is about showing the purple cow. If you don’t create a purple cow, how are you going to stand out?

With facebook ads, there are so many people and updates on the news feeds. And you want to put yourself on their newsfeed, but how can you stand out among those updates?

You only have 2-3 seconds to capture attention and make them want to click on your linkClick To Tweet


You must use a great image, and have fantastic ad copy to capture their attention. You have to make it so enticing, to make them stop what they’re doing and actually read your ad for a few seconds.


Once they do click on your link, what would be an appealing offer to give on your landing page?

Usually you want to offer a discount or a special on your services.

I’m going to use an example from my chiropractor clients. Chiropractors can offer a $29 special for an examination, x-rays, and adjustments. Also with a bonus of 30 minute massage. This is a fantastic offer that anybody with back problems will likely jump on.

When you’re working on your AdWords and Google organic search, you can show special offers, and it can work because people are searching for your services.

But when you’re using social media, you have to give an even better offer to really capture attention and interest.

Make an irresistible offer that’s too good to pass up.

When people use Google, it doesn’t take as much to convert them, if they can find you.

But with social media, you’re interrupting them so it has to be an extremely attractive offer.

You only have 2-3 seconds to really stand out, or else you will be easily and quickly passed up.  


direct response marketing incentive


What are some good incentives for people to give you their information?

Depending on your industry, ebooks and guides may work. But to really stand out, you want to offer videos, like a webinar or short educational seminar series. Everybody loves watching videos. It’s actually one of the best ways to bring business in.

Videos are the highest form of engaging content online. If you had to give someone the option of viewing an image, reading something, or watching a video, hands down, people will rather watch a video.

This is just because it’s easiest to do. If you are looking at an infographic, you have to study it and see what you’re looking to find or to read. Reading takes a lot of mental effort. But watching something is easy, you just sit back and enjoy listening and watching. You can spoon feed people and bring them into your funnel with a great video.


Facebook video ads is what I call the holy grail of marketing. The reason is because it can actually do both Branding and Direct Response Marketing in one go. The cost per click is also a lot cheaper than normal ads.


What’s the difference between YouTube and Facebook videos?

Well YouTube is a search engine. With search engines, you want people to look for you with keywords. So you’re optimizing for keywords.

With facebook video ads, you’re setting up for the demographics of your target audience. The videos will be shown to the demographics you set. With YouTube, people have to search for you.


So who would you recommend to use YouTube and how can it be used effectively?

Everybody can use YouTube. But you can’t expect too many leads from YouTube, it’s more for branding.

For example and depending on your location, if you’re in Los Angeles, you can expect about 1 lead a month from YouTube if you’re a Lawyer.

Again YouTube is more for free traffic and branding. It’s also a great way to build trust with Google and will help your SEO ranking overall. But it won’t be the best way to get leads.

People don’t go to YouTube and search “dentist.”  That’s not how they search on it. They usually just stumble upon your video somehow from watching other related videos.


But it’s still good to have a YouTube channel for your business. The more videos you have on it the better. And your videos can be easily linked to your site and also be shared on other social media channels. You can send your video to over 12 different social media channels right from YouTube. This can create engagement with the audience on each social media platform.

It also doesn’t matter if people do not watch your whole video to the end. They could just watch a small part of it and it will still be helpful. The goal is to just introduce yourself and what you do to an audience at the beginning. And if you can spread your video on different platforms, your name will stick.

When you do marketing, you need 12 touch points to gain a client or customer. So videos are a great form of content to hit multiple different social media channels, to try and create a response.



End Part 1 – Continue to Part 2  on “Touch Points & Value Proposition”



Imran Tariq Bio

Born and raised in London, Imran did his undergraduate studies on molecular medicine and biochemistry to pursue medicine. He ultimately chose to start a business instead of going to medical school. He built a successful Real Estate business in London. He moved to the states to expand his Real Estate business.

To grow his Real Estate Business, Imran hired several coaches and mentors and began to learn about digital marketing.  After being in several masterminds and working with the top people in marketing, he learned the power of SEO.  Imran then started his own Marketing and Traffic consulting firm, Whispers 2 Wealth.

Whispers 2 Wealth is a leading traffic consultancy firm with a company focus in SEO, visual design and SEM strategy.  He has assisted hundreds of small business and business professionals achieve high levels of success. He helps business with their online marketing strategy and grow web traffic to increase growth for their business.

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